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Mass Classes for All Participants – Ballroom

Bhakti Yoga – A gentle flow style  appropriate for all levels with emphasis on the inner experience and self empowerment, and personal inspiration. 9am-10:15am Friday & Saturday – ALL

Closing Mass Meditation – Join in while lying in Savasana for meditation with all yogi’s. Close out the two day event with a  guided meditation to seal in the knowledge learned and hear a heartfelt chant. 5:20pm-5:30pm Saturday – ALL

Closing Dance – Enjoy and release as “Bollywood Teachers” guide us in a few cool moves, then turn us loose for freedom dancing. 5:30pm-5:45pm till closing 6:30pm – ALL

Yoga Classes  – Y Track

Rocket Yoga: Larry Shultz created the Rocket routine, a series of postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Series. The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system while promoting a spirit of change & freedom in the practice. Larry designed an asana sequence that would invigorate & strengthen students with advanced postures while still staying accessible. His words ” Because It Gets You There Faster”
Taught by Dharna, Mumbai 

Jivamukti “Hot, Hip, Holy”:  Asana with dancing movement and Pranayama will enhance detoxification of physical and energy body.   ‘Hot or tapah’ for passion and endless effort that inspire our spirit with adventure. ‘Hip or svādhyāya’  for the wisdom  transmitted from sages of ancient time. ‘Holy or Iśvarapraṇidhānāni’ for self-realization as a whole and holy being with devotion.
Taught by Heeki, Japan

Backbends, Twists & Hips: Learn more about the understanding your limits and soaring to new expansions. This flow yoga sequence is designed with focus on Backbending, Twisting & Hip opening. These sequences  is an intermediate class.
Taught by Marksim, Oman

Bollywood Dancing:  The festival brings you the best of the best to teach Bollywood Dancing. Express your femininity, boost your self-esteem, get fit, have fun, and gain confidence. These are Five Great Reasons to partake in this instruction! Taught by TempoDubai

Atmananda Flow: The Atmananda Yoga Sequence is the body of knowledge, experienced through Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, combined to create a Vinyasa flow. The sequence is composed of the six groups of asanas, including standing poses, balancing poses, spinal twists, inversions, back bends and forward bends, all working to leave the body completely open and refreshed.
Taught by Jhon T, New York City

*bodyART® ENERGETIC:  The holistic program bodyART® ENERGETIC is based on the 5 elements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The human being is trained as a unity of body, mind, and soul. In relation with the 5 elements, the energy-flow (meridians) in the body will be improved. This unique training will positively affect your vitality, your ability for regeneration, and your mental balance.
Taught by Inesse, Latvia

Arm Balances: I can fly…..that’s the feeling a lot of yogi’s get once they have the strength to defy gravity whether it is a simple Bakasana or an Adho Mukha Vrksasana. Arm balances and inversions are some of the most stimulating and fun postures in yoga. Come and discover a playful, curious, and nonstriving attitude. The feeling of weithlessness and confidence that you can find in these postures is unbelievable. Explore the balance between effort and relaxation. Taught by Khadija, Dubai

Nutrition: Learn about the David Wolfe curriculum and the benefits of juicing and adding raw food in the daily diet, as well as how to start a Vegan lifestyle. Taught by Virginie, Belgium 

Spine Rolling: Awaken your spine by the rolling wave motion enabling you to be physically and emotionally balanced and strong. As we immerse ourselves into the way of the ocean, we invoke its
mindfulness with movement and stillness with strength. Leave this workshop feeling inspired, refreshed and energized.
Taught by Roberto “Sensei” Milletti, Italy 

Odaka Warrior Flow:A continuum of grace & power that combines flowing dynamic martial art motion with traditional asana, A fusion of two elements: fire and water. The fire element through the use of chi, our inner power.The water element through elevates instinctive motion, linking conscious and subconscious movement.
Taught by Roberto “Sensei” Milletti, Italy 

Yoga Therapy: Applications of different yogic techniques are used for different psycho-somatic ailments. Focus will be to create a wider understanding of modern lifestyle and how to adapt yoga into it for better well being.  Taught by Marksim, Oman

Therapeutic Yoga: In this type of yoga, we use Yoga as a Therapy to prevent and cure health issues. The presenter will cover 7 problems including: Cervical Spondylitis, Back pain, Slip disk, Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, and Diabetes. Taught by Rumana, India

Balance Flow: Heal your mind and body through the chakras with Jivamukti Yoga with sound vibration corresponding to each chakra, and energetic movement. This process will lead you to experience a whole new level of the happiness, peace, and healthy state.
Taught by Heeki, Japan 

Yoga from Korea: Description Coming Soon!
Taught by Layla, Korea

Alignment Yoga:  Learn about foundational yoga poses, key alignment principles and your breath, achieving balance between the front and the back of the body, the inner and outer body, right and left side, contraction and expansion, mind and heart.
Taught by Inesse, Latvia

Hatha Yoga Foundations:Gentle yoga class focused on teaching you the basics of breath, posture and movement and integrate simple yoga teachings into any hectic every day life – LADIES ONLY CLASS
IN ARABIC AND ENGLISH Taught by Miriam, Bahrain

Sivananda Hatha Yoga:General postures practiced in the sequence and style of the Sivananda Ashrams worldwide.
Taught by Sarah, USA & EXHALE STUDIO

Meditation & Breathing: Understand the benefit and learn how to integrate breathing (pranayama) into your practice. CLASS IN ARABIC & ENGLISH. Taught by Khadija, Dubai

Mindfulness Flow: Happiness is here and now, you will be able to aware by consciously placing your every step down on on earth. This class is inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness practice.
Taught by Heeki, Japan

Understanding Tantra: Warm up with yoga then dive into the truth about Tantra Yoga. Fiery and passionate, flowing and sensual, loving and airy, grounded and calm… These are all beautiful feminine qualities, but do they have any use for your spiritual development? Tantra Yoga teaches us to use all the energies around and within for spirituality. Taught by Liisa, Estonia

House “Moves”: Ready to let go and learn some new Dance Moves? You can’t find a better teacher than this award winning Choreographer & Dancer….and he’s cute too!
Taught by Saif, Jordan

 Vinyasa: Derived from Hatha Yoga, yoga postures are linked together and synchronized with the breath. Smooth transitions and holding postures for longer periods of time gives a great workout, centering and grounding you at the same time. LADIES ONLY CLASS. IN ARABIC & ENGLISH Taught by Khadijah, Dubai

Weight Loss Yoga: This type of yoga will help you lose weight and inches so that you can get back in your ideal shape. *Precaution: Audience with severe knee and back pain or injuries should not join this class. Taught by Rumana, India

Discussion Classes – Y Track

Your Faith &Yoga: Are you conflicted with yoga and respecting your faith? This session is led by a Muslim Yoga Teacher who will openly share her journey with you and talk about the positive integration of the two. IN ARABIC & ENGLISH.  Taught by Mariam, Bahrain

What is Reiki?  Dubai is lucky to have this Syrian born Reiki Master, healing and working magic on many who need physical and emotional challenges unblocked. Learn more about Reiki.
Taught by Thiba, Syria

Happiness: Can you live in true Happiness? …..all the time no matter what? Learn how! Taught by Author & Speaker; Gloria, Mexico

Women in Business – UAE:
This is your chance ladies to find out what it takes to start your own business in the UAE. Talk with this successful businesswoman who juggles family, her faith, and her business….all with grace and ease.
Taught by Rama from EXHALE STUDIO

Three Steps to Healing: Call your spirit back with these magical three steps! I’m not telling you what they are, come and learn for yourself! Taught by Thiba, Syria

The Paths of Yoga – per Teacher:
In this interactive lecture you will learn all about the various paths of studying yoga, their different benefits, and ways to get started.
Taught by Various Teachers

How to Love a Man: Yes, Wow! Don’t want to miss this one. In this fascinating interactive discourse we will dive into treasures of spiritual Tantra Yoga to find guidance for modern relationships. How to make your relationship blossom and flourish for years? What are the dynamics of a successful relationship according to Tantra? LADIES ONLY. Taught by Liisa, Estonia

Consciousness Track – C Track

Intro to Consciousness: Are you ready for transformational change? Can you cognitively craft your own future? Learn more about the power of consciousness and how you can use it to better your life, business, relationships, and the future.
Taught by A.R.Pashayan, Festival Founder

Joy your way to Success: Benefit Now from the Universal Truth that Everything You Do In Life is Ultimately for Your Experience Of Greater Joy, and thereby Facilitate Yourself In Creating More Of What You Want With More Fun And Ease.
Taught by Joy News Network (JNN)

Letting Go of the Left Brain: Learn how to turn off the right brain and magnify the creativity of the left brain for insight in your personal and business life. Lecture on Left/Right Brain differences and special activity using the “weak” hand. Students are starting from scratch in this simple but very efficient way to reach the right brain and to learn to ‘see’. Taught by A.R.Pashayan and Virginie

Conscious Dreaming: Did you know that you can be the director of your own movie right now!? In this fascinating talk about the secrets of sleep we look into the realms of conscious dreaming. You will discover the amazing treasures hiding within your own mind and how you can achieve control over your dream state. The results can be truly unbelievable! Taught by Liisa, Estonia

Balanced Life: A practical look at life’s daily challenges of work, homelife, money issues, moral issues, and how to balance it all. Take Conscious responsibility for how you live and know that it’s all ok.
Taught by Pierre Ravan, Dubai

Financial Challenges, Conscious or Unconscious?  What’s the law of Attraction? Learn about the Creative Process, Feeling Good, and Gratitude. Uncover the truth about your challenges with money and learn to  become an attraction magnet by Changing your Mindset!
 Taught by Thiba, Syria

Mind Over Matter / Thoughts Creating Reality: Establish, Develop and Strengthen Your Realization, Belief and Knowing that Your Own Thinking Always Creates Every Bit Of Your Life … Achieve Greater Results in All Life Areas through Improved Positive Personal Thought Habits. Taught by Joy News Network (JNN)

Cultural Consciousness: By examining ethnocentric ideas, we increase self awareness, gain knowledge and grow our consciousness of how to be human in a multi-cultural world. The global community has arrived, primarily due to technology and international trade. We are integrated, experiencing a cause and effect relationship economically, socially, politically, and individually. Evolve and practice the science of peace using the collective conscious energy field.
Taught by A.R.Pashayan, Festival Founder

Making Peace with Making Money: Can we be Spiritual and make good money? The guilt factor holds many of us back from achieving our true potential. Learn how to unlock old patterns that stop you from making money! Taught by Author & Speaker; Gloria, Mexico

Relationship Energies Business & Personal: Relationships can take us to unbelievable heights personally and in business. The beginning is often great but  at some point, it can get boring. Your spouse or your business relationships can become stagnant. How to keep a lasting sparkle in your relationships? What is the key to having successful and fulfilling partnership? Taught by Liisa, Estonia

Your Infinite Network (YIN):Knowing Yourself & Trusting Yourself to discover more power & solutions within. Through your increased self-awareness, achieve more creative and productive business value & results with greater ease & joy, individually and inspiring your team. Taught by Joy News Network (JNN)

Individual Consults: Take 15-20min for a personal consult with the presenter of your choice to discuss you particular difficulties or interests in Consciousness. Make sure you get the tools you need to carry all this training into your life, business, or relationships.
All C Track Presenters are here for you!