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Our International Line-up

All of our presenters are experienced holding certified licenses. Many are now specializing in a particular form of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, nutrition and general wellness. Our Performers and Special Guests come from near and far to share their voices and artistic expression in yoga and consciousness.

Liisa Vask2

Liisa Maimon: Tallinn, ESTONIA
C & Y Track Presenter

Lisa has been affiliated with Bhairava Yoga for five years in Estonia. She has completed 500 hour Teacher Training in Agama Yoga after three years of study with Somananda Moses Maimon in February 2013. She is Yoga Alliance Certified and a member of the International Yoga Federation. Her specialty is Tantra Yoga and Relationships, as well as Consciousness and Dream states.


Angela Pashayan: Telluride, COLORADO
C & Y Track Presenter

Angela holds a BA in Psychology from UCLA, and a Masters Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy from Norwich University. Her wide experience in Business Consulting, Consciousness based teaching, and working with multiple cultures is an advantage in business and personal growth. Learn how to use “smart power” to your benefit….a combination of hard and soft power. Ethical, Cultural, and Educational Evolution will be her topics in the Consciousness Track. AngelaUsing meditation for inner strength, Angela had an unforgettable experience with the Divine in 2004 which brought forth a unique style of practice – Bhakti Asana. Her Bhakti Teaching in the Y Track will bring more meaning to each posture of your practice and your life. Catch one of her two books “Living a Bhakti Life” and “Stories of a Bhakti Yogi” at her exhibit table or on Or tap into her App ‘Stress Relief with Yoga of Devotion’ for iPhones, iPads, and Droids at GooglePlay. She is the Co-founder of the Festival and moderator for stage interviews.

Rumana Rab: INDIA
Y Track

Rumana Rab is a dynamic, inspirational yoga Specialist who brings her energy, gentle nature and philosophy to every person she mentors. Rumana has realized her vision of yoga through the foundation of her yoga studio, Rumana Rab Holistic Yoga. She discovered yoga in 1997 while living in India. She herself was obese and diagnosed with Thyroid imbalance. In her wake to overcome her own ailment, she practiced yoga and it turned out to be just the remedy! What began as a practice to stay healthy and fit, converted into her passion and relaxation pursuit; which provided her with much-needed space to focus inwards and forget about the world outside.


Jhon Tamayo: Manhattan, NEW YORK
Y Track

Founder of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence and Director of the Atmananda Yoga Studio for over eighteen years, Jhon T is a yoga master who believes in balance and inner peace. Born in Columbia, he traveled throughout South America in search of a deeper understanding of the universe around him. After discovering his passion for yoga, he was determined to further his study and share its healing powers. He developed the Atmananda Yoga Sequence, which incorporates traditions of Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga with a vigorous vinyasa series to elevate the sequence and develop one’s practice. Integrating his experiences from South America and his enlightenment through his work with Guru Baba and Dr. Guevas, Jhon T gained the wisdom to understand the concepts of destiny, freedom and inner peace and to reach self-bliss. Jhon T has been established in New York for eighteen years, and also gives workshops internationally.

Dharna: INDIA / UAE
Y Track

Dharna specializes in Ashtanga Vinyasa and the Rocket Series. She began in 2006 and yoga soon took over her life. Her teacher training was in Goa,India including the Rocket Series which originated in San Francisco, USA. Don’t let the word “Rocket” scare you…her class is for all levels. Dharna is able to modify poses for your abilty, as well as provide explanations of poses and their benefits. In addition, she also has knowledege of pranayama (breathing techniques) and can help you gain clear insight on your alignment in yoga postures. MAGAZINE ARTICLE!

Tina Block: New Jersey
Y Track

Tina’s mother says “she was doing backflips in the womb before she was born”. Tina was first introduced to yoga by her father in a headstand in the living room. Yoga complemented Tina’s love for dance and studying with recognized yoga teachers she began by teaching children. Later she ventured to India studying further at Trimurti Yoga under Swami Veet Jayo, Karolina Sharma, and Acharya Yogesh. With over 2500hrs of teaching under her belt, her “Taking Flight” class was a hit in Montreal Canada and now at The Hot House in Abu Dhabi. In a nutshell…..Tina Bock Rocks!

Thiba Sharaf: Damascus, SYRIA
C & Y Track

Thiba worked in sales with Gillette office in Damascus then started her own recruitment agency. After moving to Dubai in 1999, she worked mainly in sales and management with international companies such as: Snecma, Cartier, Nokia & ITP. In 2009 Thiba founded Reiki Touch Dubai; she treated everything from terminal illness to depression and heartache. Her signature treatment is “Reiki Radiant Face”. Her healing work was covered in English and Arabic media. Thiba, recently launched her own online bi-lingual magazine encouraging a balanced life: body, mind and soul. Thiba’s motto in life is: “The Universe has a master plan for you. Trust the process; let go and it will all work out perfectly”. Her lecture on “Money Matters” for the consciousness track and “3 Steps to Healing” for the Y Track will be quite insightful. Magazine Article! TV Interview (Arabic) AND Most Recent TV Interview (Arabic)

smaller maraiam

Miriam Alansari: Manama, BAHRAIN
Y Track

Miriam is our star yoga teacher from Bahrain who was featured in our Abu Dhabi Happiness Festival April 2014. She’s back! With nearly 500hrs of training in Hatha and Prenatal yoga, you will love her strength, poise, and beauty. She also studied with Roberto Sensei from Italy and is certified in Odaka Yoga. She trained at the Aura Wellness Center and teaches at the Dessange Health club in Bahrain. Miriam also keeps smiles on faces at the Awali Hospital with her happy yoga class there.

virginie logo

Virginie DeGehdere: Belgium, BRUSSELS
C & Y Track

Virginie brings creativity to the UAE and leads us to towards finding our own through understanding the difference between left and right brain activity. Creativity is the seed of growth for todays business world and many of us do not know how to tap into it. In the Consciousness track, Virginie will partner with Angela and lead you in releasing the left brain and exploring the right to catapult your potential growth personally and for business.

gloria in dubai

Gloria Belendez-Ramirez: MEXICO/LEBANON

Gloria was born in Mexico City, where she went through high school in an American School. She studied her third language in Switzerland intensely communicating with others, she never went back to her home country to live. Instead she Consciously wandered around the world learning languages as she enjoyed her life building friendships in Korea, Japan, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, France, Egypt, China, Taiwan and Greece. Her aim was to speak ten languages by the age of 30, manifested this dream at the age of 29. She established Global Worldwide Interpreting Services in Dusseldorf, Germany working for entities such as Olivetti, Nippon TV, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, Olympics, and Football World Cups. In 1993 after her first child was born, she diverted to exploring ‘the world of the soul’ and quantum energy. A published author, “Spiritual Orgasms” was never meant to offend but instead to get you thinking on how to stay happy no matter what! Gloria continues to lecture globally and offers a series of workshops and retreats in the Middle East and Mexico. She has learned from the best; Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Jeddah Mali, Chujin Lin among others. She is now certified in Brain-Based Coaching which she will share in the Consciousness Track.

Mark Great Shot

C Track

Mark represents JNN (Joy News Network) the event Gold Sponsor. Always unassuming and never insisting on the spotlight, this MIT graduate lives and breathes Consciousness and Joy. He has experienced an intense educational path at the Worlds Premier University for bright minds. Creating financial freedom in Sales with a team that traveled around the world, Mark understands corporate culture. At the same time, Mark also understands the power of the mind in creating the life you want to live. Conscious thought, action, and tools of positive psychology are not just for the New Agers. Mark will teach you to use these skills for personal or business growth to create ‘MAJIC’. Mark will teach in the Consciousness Track and deliver the festival Keynote Address. JNN launches a series of festivals in 2015 in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.


jose crop

C Track

Jose is the Co-founder of JNN and founder of Joyful Wellness, dedicated to providing Authentic Life retreats to empower people to pursue their bliss. Local volunteer programs ensure a mutually enriching experience. Jose pairs with Mark Tarpinian in presentations on Mind Over Matter, and Your Infinite Network. His grounded sense of self coupled with Mark’s MIT background complete the perfect balance to help you understand how to Consciously Co-create your life and reach your business and personal goals.

Inesse Disereite: Riga, LATVIA

Inesse is a passionate yogini and has been dedicated to the practice since 2006, attending workshops and trainings around Europe and Asia delivered by Yoga master teachers such as Yogi Chetan Mahesh, Sajeev Arakkal Manoharan, and Seane Corn. In 2014 she completed 500 – hour teacher training in India approved by Yoga Alliance and made her dream come true of being certified by one of the oldest schools of Yoga worldwide in Rishikesh. She has a deep interest in body function, anatomy and the importance of body alignment as a complementary tool to improve the daily movement pattern, Inesse is a stickler for alignment. She also practices a specialized holistic body workout called “bodyART” by Robert Steinbacher (founder of BodyArt -Germany).

Saif Al Damen: JORDAN

Born in Jordan, Saif grew up in Malaysia where he started dancing in 2004 as a Bboy and House Dancer. He has performed and choreographed shows for many international artists in worldwide venues including USHER (2010), FLO-RIDA (2009, 2010, 2011), NE-YO (2010), EMA HEWITT (2012), BLACK EYED PEASE(2009), COLBY O’DONIS (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), AKON (2010), SEAN KINGSTONE (2010), MIZZNINA (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), PHARELL WILLIAMS (2009)……. During his dance career Saif also choreographed stunts and moves for Bollywood movies such as Orange, Goa, Mahesh Babbu.

odaka yoga


Roberto ‘Sensei’ Milletti: Rome/ITALY

Featured in “Om Yoga Magazine UK” as one of the three world leaders in new contemporary forms of Yoga, Roberto Milletti is an inspirational yoga teacher who teaches at studios and yoga festivals worldwide and is the founder of Odaka Yoga Contemporaneo (OYC) in Rome. He has created an innovative form of yoga that incorporates martial arts, zen and traditional yoga postures. Based on the dynamics of ocean motion and body rhythms that connect us, this beautiful flowing yoga style lead us to melt into the liquid form of the body making you free from all constraint and giving the ability to transform and discover new shapes in ourselves. Roberto delivers his contemporary message and methodology through retreats and teacher trainings, conferences and festivals around the globe: in Europe, USA, Australia, India and recently in Japan and Hong Kong.

Heeki beach

Heeki NYC

Heeki Park: Tokyo/JAPAN

Heeki is a Korean born in Japan and got and education in both Korea and the U.S. It was natural for her to step into the world of yoga with her multicultural background as her next stage of journey in 1998 while she was studying at UCLA. Since then her attachment to yoga has brought her to explore its path in India and to study many types of yoga & spiritual practices including Ashtanga Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and Reiki. In 2007 as an extension of her spiritual journey, she opened one of the most influential yoga studios, YOGABREEZE in Fukuoka, Japan. In the same year, she finally her gurus who totally changed her course of life – the creators of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon & David Life – who emphasize enlightenment through compassion to all beings. She became the first Jivamukti Certified Teacher living in Japan in 2008. Since then she has been continuing to teach the method with passion and become and Advanced Teacher in 2012. With her Gurus’ blessing and under their guidance, she has been empowered to convey the method in Japan and internationally, teaching workshops and conferences in Europe and Asia….and now Dubai.

belly dance shadow

TempoDance: Dubai
Y Track

Get your Bollywood Grove on and don’t miss this LADIES ONLY workshop that allows you to express your femininity and boost self-esteem. Get fit, have Fun and gain confidence. It’s a sensual type of dance that helps women get in touch with their own bodies, sensuality and emotions. Don’t be shy and jump into a journey to discover yourself!

Layla from Korea

Layla: KOREA
Y Track

Co-founder of the Korea Yoga Festival. MORE INFO COMING!

Pierre Ravan: Dubai
C Track

This highly successful husband and father of two, joins the festival to share his wisdom of living a “Balanced Life”. His candid style is a breath of fresh air in a setting where spiritual discussions can be complex. You will have no problem relating to him on a human level. Pierre is one of the first fashion dj’s in the world, PIERRE RAVAN has played in every four corners of the globe for some of the fashion world’s most influential designers. Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier and Elle Magazine have all graced their catwalks with PIERRE RAVAN’s unique sound. PIERRE brings a new aura to the house music scene as well as a different variety of house music he likes to call “Spiritual House”. His long awaited production album “SPIRITUAL BROTHERS” (with Safar Bake) was released in 2001 with EMI/Virgin/Capitol Records worldwide. His successful single “Divine Energy feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan” released in October 2003 under Deep Dish’s best label “SCHINICHI” opened a new era of spiritual house in WMC 2002.


Surekha logo

Surehka: Mumbai
Y Track

Surekha Sengupta is the founder of Aatmvishkaar Past Life Regression Research & Training Center, which has trained several PLR therapists and conducted session for more than 2,000 people since its inception in 2010. Surekha’s presentation on ‘Xeneglossia in Past Life Regression’ presented new techniques to get direct validations for past life memories through linguistic means. She has been a presenter at prestigious spiritual conferences such as the SRTA Convention 2013, UK, PLRC 2 by ARRR, 2013 and the International Yog Festival 2014, Rishikesh. With articles in spiritual magazines and discussion on television, Surekha has been taking this powerful therapy to the masses. She has also been conducting research in the use of PLR to heal cancer in children.


exhale logo small

Sarah Girodana: MANHATTAN
Y Track

Sarah is representing our LEAD STUDIO – EXHALE, DUBAI, located on JBR in the Marina Area directly across from a stunning white sandy beach! Exhale is a Woman-owned business directed by Rama Jayyousi. Rama exemplifies the modern, native woman of Dubai; maintaining her muslim faith while supporting life balance in yoga & meditation, in between raising children and managing a business. Rama and Sarah were featured on our Physique TV media coverage in April during our festival in Abu Dhabi. Sarah has been teaching at Exhale for some time now and also leads a sunrise beachfront class on her own every Thursday at 6am. Join her for a smooth, flowing class but be ready to work your muscles as well.


Ashta Vakrasan

Marxim Karki: OMAN/KERALA
Y Track

In Oman, Marxim teaches in Revgx Studio, Intercontinental Health Club & Shangri-la Resort along with his own classes. He speaks English and Tamil (Mother Tongue), and happy to use either in class as required by students. He learned yoga at a young age and started teaching in 2003 after Training and Certification at the Sivananda Ashram in India. He completed Advanced Training & Certification at Sadhana Intensive from Sivananda Ashram in South India & Himalayas. Marxim has been to various ashrams and Institutes to learn the different approach, and has been teaching Yoga in training centers in Corporate Banks & Schools. He taught in Malaysia for two years and learned Power yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Hot Yoga. Through years of teaching, he now teaches with his own flow focusing on a merge of Hatha & Power Yoga for Flexibility & Strength. The strength of his teaching is the way he prepares students for the Intermediate and Advanced poses through proper technique suited according to the individual. Marxim also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, as well as first place awards for the International Yoga Festival Competitions in India and Malaysia.

photo 2

Y Track

Now living in Dubai, but originally from Co. Kerry in Ireland. After moving to London in 1990 I found the practice of Yoga & Meditation & fell in love with it! Suddenly through learning about the classical union of the body, mind and soul, everything began to make sense! When I returned to Ireland I studied a Diploma in Yoga Teaching and Meditation, qualifying in 2005. Over my 10 years of teaching I developed a greater love & understanding of the Human Energy Field. I trained as an advanced level Energy Therapist, qualifying in 2011. I use crystal divining & a touch method of healing to release patterns of the past on a cellular memory level. To restore balance to the Chakras, increasing your sense of well-being, health, happiness & creativity. At the Dubai Yoga & Music Festival I will be hosting a class on connecting with The Human Energy Field & balancing the Seven main Chakra’s incorporating wonderful Asanas & Yoga Nidra. This class is suitable for all levels.

Zen logo

Sonja Adam: GERMANY
Y Track

Sonja is originally German but lived in the UK for over 13 years. She learned about Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in 2010 at a KY weekend retreat in England. She got inspired by this beautiful practice straight away and became a regular KY student at the Yoga Center ‘Alchemy’ in London. Convinced by the countless benefits of Kundalini Yoga for body, mind and spirit, she trained as a KY teacher (KRI Level 1 – Instructor) with the International School of Kundalini Yoga (I-SKY) in 2012. Sonja is an advanced graduate of Education and also a Yoga teacher for children. She is passionate about Yoga and, in particular, about the ability of Kundalini Yoga to bring strength, balance and compassion to a busy life. Having moved to Dubai in 2013, she enjoys the opportunity to share her practice with people of all ages in the UAE. She teaches Kundalini Yoga weekly at ‘ZenYoga’ Dubai Media City studios and is thrilled about teaching KY at the Dubai Yogafestival in November.

Manasi Udas: India
Y Track

I completed a Yoga Alliance, 200 hrs. Teachers Training Course & a Yoga Therapy (Basic) Certification from a Registered Yoga School i.e. Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research. The institute is affiliated to the Yoga Alliance. Here I received training in the traditional Indian Patanjali Yoga under the guidance of Sri Omanandji Guruji who is a disciple of Swami Paramanand GiriJi Maharaj. I used to practice yoga on my own, before pursuing the TTC. As a child I was brought up in a spiritually inclined family, and since childhood I was surrounded by discussions on yoga, philosophy, religion and spiritualism. At the age of 11 I began to learn yoga along with my mom at a local yoga & acupressure training centre in Dewas & later I practiced under my mother’s supervision, who has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last more than 14 years and who is also a certified yoga teacher, until I left home to pursue career in media industry.

Hear what our teachers and sponsors have to say about the state of yoga & wellness during our break time interview