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C Track Description

The Consciousness Track is for those individuals, groups, corporations, or public figures seeking to discover Evolutionary Advances in Transformative thinking. Personal growth and self awareness lead to a heightened sense of the world and those who are close to you at work, at home, and in business including global relations. Take your corporate team, executives, or yourself to the next level of ‘Pro-active’ living and planning. Harness the tools for taking responsibility of your life or business, as well as for the benefit of our Human Species. Living by default reaps a poor outcome. Learn the way of Evolutionary Consciousness and strategically craft your personal future, business future, and that of mankind.

Y Track Description

The Yoga Track is for those enthusiasts who enjoy the physical practice of yoga and meditation. Classes are rooted in Hatha Flow yet each has a special difference that will help you learn more about the varieties of yoga asana practices. From Bhakti Asana to Ananada Yoga, we bring you the best teachers from around the world to share their knowledge with you!This year we add an outdoor covered terrace where smaller classes will be held to explain postures to beginners, and to help all levels fine tune their alignment. Questions can be addressed in these small groups about difficulties of some postures as well as issues regarding your strains, fears, or weaknesses.

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